Montserrat’s, M. Violet Lewis, Releases a New Book Entitled ‘Reflecting in the Shade’

The Montserratian-born, UK-based author, M. Violet Lewis, is thrilled to announce the publication of her second book, Reflecting in the Shade. This publication marks a significant milestone in her writing journey, and 664Connect Media is proud to be a part of it.

Lewis first burst onto the literary scene with her debut book, Smile with the World, in 2012. Now, she’s back with a new offering that promises to captivate readers of all ages and backgrounds.

Reflecting in the Shade, published by Troubador Publishing Limited, is a collection of poetry, prose, and short stories that explores themes of nature, spirituality, and personal reflection. It is a book that is as easy to read as it is profound, making it accessible to a wide range of readers, including children. Lewis hopes that her work will inspire young readers to develop a love for creative writing and perhaps even write their own books one day, thus contributing to the local literary scene.

Some of the pieces in Reflecting in the Shade were inspired by the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus, and Lewis used some of her time spent in lockdown to craft these pieces. This adds a timely and relevant dimension to the book, making it an essential read for anyone looking to make sense of our current times.

Lewis is a member of the NN8 writers, a small writers’ group based in Wellingborough. Together, they are also working on publishing a book of their own, where Lewis will be a contributing author. This collaborative effort underscores the spirit of community and support that 664Connect Media strives to promote.

Reflecting in the Shade is available in both e-book and paperback formats and can be purchased from many distribution sites, including Amazon. To get your copy, visit Amazon.

For more information about the book or to contact M. Violet Lewis, you can reach out via email at Get your copy of Reflecting in the Shade today and embark on a literary journey that will touch your heart and soul.

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