Montserrat Port Development Project: Latest Updates Unveiled at Town Hall Meeting

The Montserrat Port Development Project Team hosted a Town Hall Meeting on May 9, 2024, at the St. Peter’s Anglican Church Hall, offering the public an update on the progress of the new Little Bay Port.

Key highlights from the meeting include:

SAFE HARBOUR EXPANSION: The forthcoming port will boast a safe harbor designed to safeguard the existing Jetty, facilitating the berthing of ferries, fishing vessels, the police launch, and small cargo vessels.

NEW PIER SPECIFICATIONS: The primary pier will stretch 130 meters and incorporate a dolphin, enabling the accommodation of vessels up to 187 meters in length. This expansion will facilitate the berthing of mid-sized cruise ships and cargo vessels, bolstering Montserrat’s connectivity and economic prospects.

CAISSON PRODUCTION AND TEMPORARY INSTALLATION: Production of caissons has commenced at Pipers Pond and continues apace. Temporary caissons have been deployed at the Little Bay Port to facilitate the construction of the causeway and RoRo (roll-on/roll-off) facilities, marking significant strides in the port’s development.

INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION: In April 2024, a delegation from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and representatives from the United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (UKFCDO) visited Montserrat. Discussions encompassed critical aspects of the project, including environmental safeguards and social and gender considerations. Updates on monitoring efforts for bats, birds, sea mammals, water quality, and coral relocation were shared, reaffirming the project’s dedication to environmental stewardship. Additionally, deliberations on social and gender training, stakeholder engagement, and capacity-building initiatives underscored the project’s broader socio-economic ramifications.

REGULATORY APPROVAL: Completed pier drawings have been submitted to the Physical Planning Unit (PPU) and received approval, indicating regulatory progress and adherence to established standards.

SOURCEGovernment of Montserrat
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