SKN Agriculture Dept Is Monitoring The Mango Tree Disease Outbreak

The Ministry of Agriculture’s Plant Quarantine Unit in St. Kitts and Nevis is closely monitoring a recent outbreak of a disease affecting the island’s mango trees.

In a statement, the unit acknowledged the serious impact of the problem on local agriculture and emphasized their commitment to identifying the cause and developing an effective treatment plan. “Our team of plant health experts has been working hard to diagnose the disease affecting mango trees,” the statement said.

The unit says initial assessments indicate the symptoms are consistent with anthracnose, a fungal disease that can seriously affect the production and quality of mango fruit. However, the exact cause remains unknown and experts are actively investigating its origin, transmission and possible control measures.

The unit indicated that the disease could be caused by a combination of environmental factors, pathogens and possibly new pest species.

They therefore urged farmers to remain vigilant and report all suspected cases of the disease to their local agricultural authorities for further investigation.

Once the disease is confirmed, the Plant Quarantine Unit says it plans to implement a comprehensive treatment strategy.

This approach includes conducting extensive surveys to determine the spread of the disease, implementing targeted fungicide applications to control the fungal pathogen, and providing guidance and support to local mango growers on best management practices. In addition, they will explore long-term solutions, such as the introduction of disease-resistant mango varieties.

“In the meantime, several precautionary measures can be taken to control the spread of the disease, including: quarantine measures, pruning of affected areas, sanitation, plant monitoring and research and development,” the department said.

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