Scabies Outbreak: Ministry of Health and Social Services Urges Public to Take Preventive Measures

The Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) is announcing an outbreak of scabies on Montserrat. Immediate action is necessary to control and prevent further spread.

Scabies is a highly contagious skin condition caused by the infestation of the skin by the human itch mite: Sarcoptes scabiei. Scabies is spread through close personal contact with an infected person. This includes skin-to-skin contact or sharing clothing, bedding and towels.

The infection causes a pimple- like rash and intense itching which is usually more severe at night. The rash may appear on various parts of the body, particularly in folds of the skin. Young children are most at risk of infection.

Members of the public are advised to closely monitor your person and others in your care for symptoms of scabies.  Individuals experiencing symptoms should seek medical attention at the nearest Health Centre or personal physician for prompt diagnosis and treatment. 

Scabies is treatable with prescription medications that kill the mites and their eggs. All household members and close contacts should be treated simultaneously to prevent re-infestation.

To prevent spread of the mite; the Ministry of Health recommends regular hand washing and advises the routine washing of used clothing, bedding, and towels with soap and hot water. 

Additionally, close contact with infected persons should be limited until they have completed treatment. 

The Ministry of Health remains committed to safeguarding public health and will continue to provide updates as the situation evolves. Your cooperation and vigilance are essential in controlling this outbreak.

SOURCEMinistry of Health and Social Services, Montserrat
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