SVG: PM defends ULP’s decision to keep billboards repeatedly burnt  

The Prime Minister of St. Vincent and The Grenadine, Hon. Ralph Gonsalves, has defended his Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) decision to keep on permanent display at Frenches Gate, Kingstown, the billboards promoting him and his party, which have been set on fire twice since they were erected years ago.

One of the billboards displays a photo of Gonsalves and his self-styled “Five Star General” and “World Boss” slogans, while the other displays the photos of the prime minister, his son and Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves and Agriculture Minister Saboto Caesar.

The billboard with the trio displays the slogan “To continue the transformation”. 

“The facts are these: every billboard which the ULP has put up has been put up with the permission of the planning authorities, is in accordance with the planning authorities,” Gonsalves said on WE FM on Sunday. 

He further stated that the billboards are on private property.

SOURCEiWitness News
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