Bermuda launches first National Cancer Control Plan

Photo Credit: Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre

Bermuda makes a historic leap in healthcare with the unveiling of its inaugural National Cancer Control Plan (NCCP) for 2024-2030. The release of this strategic document underscores the nation’s commitment to addressing cancer, a disease that accounts for roughly one-third of all deaths on the island annually.

Dr. Chris Fosker, the Medical Director and Clinical Oncologist at BCHC, emphasized the pressing need for action, stating, “The prevalence of lung, prostate, colorectal, and breast cancers as leading causes of mortality in Bermuda underscores the need for a strategic and unified approach to combat this disease.” He further outlined that the NCCP aims to prevent up to one-third of cancers and cure another third through early detection and treatment.

The development of the NCCP, initiated in late 2020, was informed by a comprehensive review of Bermuda’s cancer statistics, risk factors, and healthcare capabilities. The plan adopts a holistic approach, focusing on prevention, early detection, treatment, survivorship, and palliative care. It calls for strong collaboration across sectors, including governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, healthcare professionals, and others, to ensure a coordinated effort.

The Ministry of Health has thrown its weight behind the NCCP, aligning with the Bermuda Health Strategy 2022-2027 vision of fostering “healthy people in healthy communities” and promoting equitable access to health services. The plan also aligns with global health objectives, garnering accolades and support from international health organizations.

Key partnerships have played a vital role in the development and imminent implementation of the NCCP, with contributions from the Ministry of Health, the Office of the Chief Medical Officer, Bermuda Health Council, PALS, Bermuda Tumour Registry, and global entities such as CARPHA, PAHO, NCI, and UICC.

Reflecting on the journey, Dr. Fosker remarked, “The initial phase of the NCCP, released in April 2022, mapped out Bermuda’s cancer burden. Today, we move forward with actionable goals, objectives, and strategies aimed at lessening the impact of cancer. This work marks a transformative shift from identifying challenges to actively pursuing change, showcasing our dedication to revolutionizing cancer care in Bermuda.”

The Chronic Disease Innovation Programme, overseen by the Bermuda Health Council, has provided partial financing for this critical initiative, signaling the government’s support for this endeavor.

The Bermuda National Cancer Control Plan calls upon healthcare providers, government officials, NGOs, insurers, cancer survivors, and the Bermudian populace to unite in the fight against cancer. Embracing this plan propels Bermuda toward a future characterized by enhanced quality of life and a reduction in the toll taken by cancer.

For further details on the Bermuda National Cancer Control Plan or to view the NCCP document, individuals are encouraged to contact Deborah Titterton Narraway, Chief Marketing & Fundraising Officer.

SOURCEBermuda Cancer and Health Centre
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