Introducing Our Woman Crush Of The Week – Ms. Marydith Tuitt

At 664Connect Media, we are all about uplifting Montserrat and Montserratians. So, starting this Wednesday, we will be using our platform to highlight the life and careers of prominent women from Montserrat who live on the island or in the diaspora. For the first interview in the series, Treloa Greene sat down with Ms. Marydith Tuitt and you can read more about her story below:

Ms. Marydith Tuitt was born in Lees Village with family relations with the Corbetts’ and Hogans.’ Growing up in Montserrat, she subsequently migrated to Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States of America, where she attended public schools.

During her childhood, she exhibited introverted qualities just hanging out around her home with her siblings unless there was a school programme or class she was interested in, then she would request her mother to sign up. She had various hobbies such as modeling, drama club, dance groups, and reading classes because of her unwavering love for her books.

Her mother was her tower of support and the backbone for her. Tuitt had to give her mother reasons to join the Navy and why it would be a positive life choice. She was attracted to the Navy because she was a member of the Naval Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps in High School, and after four years, she understood the system. Furthermore, her older brother was a Marine, and she didn’t want to follow in his footsteps but rather create her legacy. She enjoys cars, trucks, and working on engines. When offered a heavy equipment mechanic or jet mechanic job, she ultimately selected the jet mechanic job.

In a field entirely dominated by men, there was always the challenge of women fighting for acceptance in STEM-related areas, especially women of colour. Tuitt reiterated the institutionalised idea of women in the past as they were thought to be soft and frill and not to partake in heavy-duty works, which was synonymous with men. She also alluded to the concern of persons regarding the attainment of information and knowledge and inculcating it into her work, fixing jet motors. She stated that women face challenges, but it is up to them to prove the naysayers wrong. 

Her advice to young persons interested in jet engineering is to study and research assiduously to ensure that it is the area of their choice as it is hard and dirty work. She encourages the youth to keep abreast with knowledge by reading and acquiring knowledge in prerequisites such as Mathematics because formulas are paramount in engineering.

Tuitt is committed to a life of public servitude as her work as a Commissioner on the status of women in her state and nationally and also her work as the Commander of her American Legion veterans post are structured on the service to the public. Service to the public is what she aspires to do, but she has evolved to carry out her assistance. She lives by the mantra, ‘like a phoenix, rising out of my ashes.’ As a Commissioner, she has been able to meet many people across her state and speak with women and girls about many different issues. This has created many friendships for her. Her position as a Commissioner gives her the ability to talk to elected officials about how changes can be made in her communities.

Perhaps, her proudest achievement is being appointed Justice of Peace, giving her the sacred privilege of joining people in Holy Matrimony.  Tuitt is adjusting to the life of travelling home more often, and she plans to emigrate back to Montserrat in her senior years. 

Author: Treola Greene

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