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Travelling by Sea

Visitors can travel to Montserrat by sea, using the ferry service. The ferry takes about 90 minutes on average and runs between Port Little Bay in Montserrat and the Bryson’s Pier, Heritage Quay in Antigua, 5 days a week. The ferry company also operates occasional charters to neighbouring St. Kitts, Nevis and Guadeloupe.

Ferry Fares

Adults: EC$160 one way or EC $300 return

Children (between 2 and 12 years): EC$75 one way or EC $150 return

Infants (below 2 years old): EC$50 one way or EC $100 return

Baggage Requirements

Each passenger is allowed 2 pieces of baggage free and any additional baggage is charged at EC$50 per piece.

Ferry Schedule

The Ferry’s departure times may vary, so please check the Schedule before travelling. 

Booking Information

Travellers are not required to purchase tickets in advance in order to travel on the ferry, so you can purchase your ticket upon check-in. However, if you are considering using the ferry, you are encouraged to pre-book your journey before travelling.

To facilitate ticketing, check-in and other clearances at the point of sale at the ports, travellers are asked to check-in 90 minutes in advance before the scheduled time for departure.

You can book the ferry using the Online Booking Service or by contacting the following booking agents:

Montserrat Booking Services
Agent: Jemmotte Shipping
Contact: Mr. Roosevelt Jemmotte
Tel: (664) 496 9912

Antigua Booking Services
: Jenny Tours
Contact: Ms. Jennifer Burke
Tel: (268) 778 9786

Ferry Service Status

Sea conditions at various times of the year can severely disrupt the operation of the ferry and it may not be able to dock in Montserrat. So, passengers may be held up in Antigua for several days while the sea calms down. If you’re travelling by ferry you should keep in touch with the ferry company and look out for any Changes To The Service.

Departure Tax

Passengers are required to pay a departure tax of EC$25 (CARICOM nationals) and EC$45 (other nationals) at the port of embarkation, if you remain in Montserrat in excess of 24 hours. A departure tax of EC$75 is payable by a passenger who remains in Antigua in excess of 24 hours.

Private Yachtsmen

Yachtsmen and other mariners visiting the island can anchor off Port Little Bay. To disembark, they can proceed to the Little Bay wharf and enter the terminal for Customs. Advanced clearance can be made on the regional pre-arrival notification system called SailClear

Travelling by Air

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More Useful Information About Montserrat

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