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Travelling by Air

The Latest COVID-19 Travel Updates

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Travelling By Air To Montserrat

All airlines to Montserrat, depart from our neighbouring island Antigua. So, when visiting Montserrat, visitors are required to travel to V.C. Bird International Airport first and then take a 20-minute connecting flight to John A. Osborne Airport in Montserrat.

John A. Osborne Airport

John A. Osborne Airport offers daily flights to Antigua. However, flight times, flight fares and baggage rules may vary, so please contact the airport or the airline for up to date information.

Address: John A. Osborne Airport, Geralds, Montserrat, West Indies
Tel: (664) 491 3434
Longitude: 62° 13′ 59” W
Latitude: 16° 45′ 0” N

Airlines In and Out of Montserrat

There are two airlines offering flights from Antigua’s VC Bird International Airport to the John A. Osborne Airport in Montserrat: FlyMontserrat and SVG Air. Between them they offer either 4 or 6 flights per day in each direction on a 9-seater aircraft. Baggage space on both airlines is limited and oversized bags can’t be carried due to their small baggage hold.

The contact details for both airlines are provided below:

Tel: (664) 491 3434


Tel: (664) 491 2533 / (664) 491 4200

Departure Tax

Travellers are required to pay a departure tax of EC$25 (CARICOM Nationals) and EC$45 (other Nationals) at the port of embarkation, if you remain in Montserrat in excess of 24 hours. A departure tax of EC$75 is payable by a passenger who remains in Antigua in excess of 24 hours. Most airlines now include departure tax in their fee.

More Useful Information About Montserrat

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