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Things to Do

Things to Do in Montserrat

Enjoy discovering some of the fascinating places of interest around Montserrat here on our Things To Do page. New places of interest around Montserrat are added regularly, so be sure to revisit this page often. The great thing about many of these, is that you can visit them for free.

Blakes Football Field

Financed by FIFA’s Goal Programme, Blakes Football Field is a beautiful flood lit football field located just past Look Out in Blakes, that was opened in 2002. With its lush green grass and spectacular views of the ocean and mountains, this field is quite a site.

Bat Cave

From Little Bay, you can either swim or take a 30 to 50 minute hilly hike to discover the island’s only white sand beach. There is rich coral and marine life that make for good snorkeling. From here, with a tour guide, you can access our colony of Antillean fruit-eating bats. Thousands of bats are on display, divided into two caves: one with females with their young, the other with males. Sounds like a romantic date.

Botanical & Herb Garden

The Montserrat National Trust’s botanical garden is dedicated to conserving indigenous plants and trees. These include Heliconia, the national flower; Epidendrum Montserratense, an endangered orchid; and Pribby, a flowering shrub. The latter two are native only to Montserrat.

Carr's Bay Historical Site

At the Carr’s Bay Historical site you will find remains of a fort, with several cannons pointing out to sea in the direction of Redonda.

Garibaldi Hill

Garibaldi Hill provides a contrasting view of the lush greenery of Salem, Old Towne and surrounding areas with bird’s eye views of the grey hidden city, Plymouth and other vistas of the South. Please note that during the heavy rainfall or high volcanic activity, visitors are advised not to cross the Belham Valley.

Hill Top Coffee House and Family Centre

Visit Hilltop Coffee House & Family Centre to enjoy stunning views with an appealing menu of coffees and teas, while soaking in artwork, photographic displays of the Volcano, the Mighty Arrow and artists who recorded at Air Studios.

Address: Hilltop Coffee House & Family Centre, Fogarthy Hill, St. Peter’s, Montserrat
Telephone: 1 (664) 491 4455

Jack Boy Hill

Jack Boy Hill is a viewing facility in the North East of the island, provides an excellent vantage point for viewing the volcano and the buried W H. Bramble Airport (the island’s first airport).

Montserrat Cultural centre

The Montserrat Cultural Centre was built in 2006 by the late Sir George Martin, former manager of The Beatles, as a gift to the people of Montserrat. The venue is used as a multi-purpose performing centre and also plays host to local and international conferences.

Address: Montserrat Cultural Centre, Little Bay, Montserrat
Telephone: 1 (664) 491 4455

Montserrat Volcano Observatory

The Montserrat Volcano Observatory’s viewing deck, interpretation centre and gift shop, makes this a must-see attraction.

Address: Flemmings, Salem, Montserrat
Telephone: 1 (664) 491 4455
Click to view 664Connect’s MVO Page

National Museum of Montserrat

The National Museum of Montserrat was opened on the 2ndof 2012, by His Royal Highness Prince Edward and Sophie, the Earl and Countess of Wessex. The museum is managed by the Montserrat National Trust.

Address: Little Bay, Montserrat
Telephone: 1 (664) 491 4455

New Beach

This new beach at Bottomless Ghaut is a marvelous creation, showing the force of nature. First, you have to find, and then clamber your way down the least steep part of the rocky slope leading to the beach. Once there, you will be enthralled by the deep black shade of the sand. Geologists will appreciate the rock formations and different types of rock in the looming cliff sides. Birders can watch the nesting of the Red-billed Tropic bird and the Caribbean Martin.

Plymouth Buried City

Plymouth, the capital of Montserrat, is buried deep in ash and volcanic debris including boulders up to the size of houses that previously stood there. The once thriving business and commercial centre of the island now resembles a dust-covered lunar landscape through which deep canyons have been gouged.

Runaway Ghaut

Montserrat’s ghauts (pronounced: “guts”) are deep ravines that carry rainwater down from the mountains to the sea. Legend has it that if people drink the cool spring water flowing to the drinking fountain at Runaway Ghaut, they will be drawn to return to Montserrat again and again.

Sail Boat Cruises

Experience the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation as you sail Montserrat’s seas. Departing from Port Little Bay, the Montserrat Yachting Association crew offers sailing trips to Plymouth (about 4 hours) and Redonda (about 8 hours). En-route, be mesmerized by the beautiful dual green and gritty landscapes of the island or watch dolphins. US$100.00 per person (min. 2 persons; max. 4 persons). Bring along a light snack (e.g. sandwiches, chips or bottled drinks). No alcohol is permitted on the vessel.

Address: Little Bay, Montserrat
Tel: 664 496 3827

Soufriére Hills

The Soufrière Hills Volcano is a composite volcano characterised by dome-building eruptions. Its last major eruption, prior to the current one, is thought to have been about 400 years ago. The current eruption began in 1995 and continues to the present day. In that time, there have been five distinct periods of lava extrusion and dome growth, and five distinct pauses. The periods of dome growth included explosive activity and frequent pyroclastic flows.

The Centre Hills

Centre Hills has many word class hiking trails, which take you deep into the lush, unspoiled forest where a dazzling array of plants and animals can be found. Look out for the Montserrat Oriole(bird) and Galliwasp (half snake/half lizard), which can be found nowhere else in the world.

More Important Information About Montserrat

For more useful information about Montserrat, please click HERE.


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