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Shopping Tips

Shopping Hours

Normal shopping hours are Monday – Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm, however most supermarkets are open until 10 or 11pm.


Most stores accept both $EC and $US, but be sure to check when you ask a price (where it is not labelled) whether it is EC or US. It is not appropriate to bargain in shops and stores however it is expected at local markets. Most stores accept cash and cheques, but supermarkets and restaurants generally accept all Major credit.

For more banking information or where to find your closest cash machine, click HERE.


Some hotels may have on property a variety store and gift shop for incidentals. Optionally there are supermarkets located throughout the island in various sizes.

There are many large supermarkets in and around St. John’s, Brades, Salem and smaller but equally well stocked supermarkets in the other villages.

More Useful Information About Montserrat

For more useful information about Montserrat, please click HERE.


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