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TV, Phone & Internet


All hotel front office desks provide telephone and facsimile services, with many also now providing internet access, and in room televisions. Telephones are also available in most hotel rooms, although if this is a requirement you should check at the time of booking your holiday or accommodation.

Long distance direct calls or worldwide collect calls are possible.

The country code for Montserrat is 664 followed by the local code 491. Calling from the U.S.A or Caribbean must be prefixed with a 1, calls from the U.K. must be prefixed with 001.

Phone cards for use on residential phones and data packages are available at many stores around the island.

Cell or Mobile Phones

Many tri-band phones work in Montserrat – check before coming if your cell operator has an agreement with any of the providers in Montserrat – Flow and Digicel. If you plan to make a lot of local calls or spend a significant amount of time in Montserrat – it may be worth getting a pay as you go deal here. As long as your phone is unlocked (EC$75 locally), you will be able to get a SIM card and local telephone number. You can then buy phone cards locally to top up the phone.

The contact details for both phone, internet and cable providers are:

Flow Montserrat
Address: Flow Montserrat, Sweeney’s Road, Montserrat
Tel: 1 (664) 491-1000

Digicel Montserrat
Address: Digicel Montserrat, Brades Main Road, Brades, Montserrat
Tel: 1 (664) 392-2507

Web Access

Many private villas and apartments are now offering wireless internet access, as well as many hotels.

Television & Satellite

Television is available island wide and is generally provided in all hotel rooms and self catering accommodation:

  • The local TV station is called the Government Information Unit (GIU).
  • Most accommodation offers either cable or satellite TV with a selection of mainly US stations including CNN, and Sports Channels along with either B.B.C. America or B.B.C. World.
  • DVD players are also widely available in many villas – please check on booking if this is a facility you require.    

More Useful Information About Montserrat

For more useful information about Montserrat, please click HERE.


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