Montserrat Travellers Face Added Cost Of US$20 Transit Tax at VC Bird International Airport

Passengers traveling through Antigua from Montserrat will have to dig a little deeper in their pockets.

It has been reported that the transit tax at the VC Bird International Airport has been reintroduced. Passengers now have to pay US$20.00.

Managing Director of Fly Montserrat Nigel Harris, speaking on the Breakfast Show said the tax was unfair.

Here is the full quote from Captain Nigel Harris:

“For the last few years, we’ve enjoyed a situation where if you were transiting or connecting with another international airline from Antigua—which something like 80% of our passengers are—you were exempt from any taxes in Antigua.

However, that has now changed, and they have implemented a new tax that states if you’re transiting, you pay $20 each way.

So, let’s say you’re going to New York and back; you’d pay $20 entering Antigua and $20 departing, totaling $40. If you’re staying in Antigua for more than 24 hours and not transiting, then it’s the full $40 anyway.

We actually think that’s unfair because the passengers who are traveling on American, Delta, and similar airlines are already paying that transit fee.

By paying the sector tax, they are effectively paying twice, which we think is a bit unfair. We have asked our friends in the government if they could raise the issue with their colleagues in Antigua and get back to the previous situation where transiting passengers were exempt. Whether that’s going anywhere beyond my pay grade, I’m afraid, but yes, there are increasing taxes.”

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