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Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures About Montserrat


Head of State: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth (since 1952)

Governor of Montserrat: Hon. Andrew Pearce

Deputy Governor of Montserrat: Hon. Lyndell Simpson

Political System: Parliamentary Democracy

Political Orientation: Social/Democratic

Principal Political Parties

Montserrat National Congress (MNC)
Montserrat United Labour Party (MULP)
People’s Democratic Movement (PDM)
The Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP)

Government Ministers (since 2019)

Premier & Minister of Finance & Economic Management: Honourable Joseph E. Farrell

Leader of Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition (Leader of the Opposition): Honourable Paul Lewis

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly: Honourable Teresina Bodkin

Deputy Premier & Minister of Communications, Works, Labour and Energy (MCWLE): Dr. The Honourable Samuel J. Joseph, Deputy Premier & Minister of Communications, Works, Labour and Energy (MCWLE)

Minister of Education, Health, Social Services, Youth Affairs, Sports and Ecclesiastic Affairs (Education & Health): Honourable Charles T. Kirnon

Minister of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and the Environment (MALHE): Honourable Crenston C. Buffonge

Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education & Health: Honourable Veronica I. Dorsette-Hector 

Member of the Legislative Assembly: Honourable Donaldson Romeo

Member of the Legislative Assembly: Honourable Claude E. S. Hogan

Member of the Legislative Assembly: Honourable David Osborne

Attorney General (Ex Officio Member): Honourable Sheree E. Jemmotte-Rodney

Financial Secretary (Ex Officio Member): Honourable Colin Owen 


Population: 4, 649 (2018)

Population density: 44.88 / km2 (116.24/ sq mile)

Language: English


Anglican (17.7%)
Baptist (0.4%)
Church of God (7.6%)
Church of Christ (0.5%)
Evangelical (0.3%)
Hindu (1.2%)
Jehovah Witness (1%)
Methodist (13.9%)
Moravian (0.4%)
Muslim/Islam (0.4%)
Pentecostal/Full Gospel (16.1%)
Presbyterian (0.4%)
Rastafarian (1.4%)
Roman Catholic (11.4%)
Seventh Day Adventist (15%)
Other/Not States (5.1%)
None/No Religion (7.9%)


Area: 102 km2 (39 sq miles)

Coastline: 39.8km (24.73 miles)

Highest Elevation: 914.2m (2,999.3 ft)

Highest Point: Chances Peak (in the Soufriere Hills)

Largest settlement: Brades (population 0f 1,000)

Maritime claims: 

  • Territorial sea: 3 nmi (5.556 km; 3.452 mi) 
    Exclusive fishing zone: 200 nmi (370.4 km; 230.2 mi)
  • Terrain: Volcanic islands, mostly mountainous, with small coastal lowlands

Elevation extremes:

  • Lowest point: Caribbean Sea 0 m 
  • Highest point: Prior to 1995, the highest point was Chances Peak (in the Soufrière Hills) at 915 m.
  • Ongoing volcanic activity has created a lava dome estimated at 1,050 m in 2013.

Natural resources: Negligible

Land use: 

  • Arable land: 20% 
  • Permanent crops: 0% 
  • Other: 80% (2011)

Natural hazards: Severe hurricanes (June to November); volcanic eruptions

Environment – current issues: Land erosion occurs on slopes that have been cleared for cultivation.


Capital: Plymouth

Parishes: St. Anthony, St. George’s, St. Peter

Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time, GMT -4

Economy & Trade

Montserrat is the 214th largest export economy in the world. In 2017, Montserrat exported $8.92M and imported $14.3M, resulting in a negative trade balance of $5.42M.

Montserrat’s economy was devastated by the 1995 eruption and its aftermath; currently the island’s operating budget is largely supplied by the British government and administered through the Department for International Development (DFID) amounting to approximately £25 million per year. Additional amounts are secured through income and property taxes, licence and other fees as well as customs duties levied on imported goods.

The limited economy of Montserrat, coupled with a population under 5,000, only consumes 1.7 MW of electric power, produced by five diesel generators. Two exploratory geothermal wells have found good resources and the pad for a third geothermal well was prepared in 2016. Together the geothermal wells are expected to produce more power than the island requires.

The top exports of Montserrat are:

  • Recreational Boats ($5.23M)
  • Sand ($743k)
  • Computers ($625k)
  • Medical Instruments ($460k)
  • Cutting Blades ($201k)

The top imports of Montserrat are:

  • Refine Petroleum ($1.44M)
  • Cars ($1.22M)
  • Scrap Iron ($916k)
  • Broadcasting Equipment ($677k)
  • Citrus ($527k)

The top export destinations of Montserrat are:

  • Antigua and Barbuda ($5.41M)
  • France ($803k)
  • Mexico ($651k)
  • The Unites States of America ($561k)
  • Italy ($474k)

The top import origins of Montserrat are:

  • The United States of America ($6.54M)
  • The United Kingdom ($1.99M)
  • Japan ($588k)
  • Antigua and Barbuda ($537k)
  • Egypt ($533k)

More Useful Information About Montserrat

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