Interpol arrests fugitive Surinamese politician in Brazil

Joel "Bordo" Martinus

A Surinamese politician who is also a member of the ruling party , Joel “Bordo” Martinus, was arrested in Brazil on Wednesday. 

This was confirmed by the Public Prosecution Service (OM) of Suriname.

“The Public Prosecutor confirms that this morning Joel Martinus Bordo was arrested in São Paulo, Brazil, based on a Red Notice issued by Interpol Suriname. The arrest was carried out professionally and effectively by the Interpol Unit of the Federal Police of Brazil,” said the Public Prosecution Service in a short statement.

Authorities suspect Martinus, the former chairman of the youth department of ABOP, the party of Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk, of murder, manslaughter, complicity in murder/manslaughter, participation in a criminal organization, violation of the Narcotic Drugs Act, and money laundering.

 After investigators stumbled upon a plane that was buried in an area near the border with French Guiana, Martinus came into the picture as one of the suspects. 

It’s also believed that a drug gang reportedly killed a man in connection with that case. The body was never found.

After authorities ordered an investigation against him, Martinus went into hiding. From his hiding place, he indicated in a statement on Facebook that he is innocent and that his arrest is a witch hunt set up by the ruling party  because he has seriously criticized the policies of President Santokhi. It had long been suspected that he was in Brazil.

He regularly appeared with live streams on his Facebook page, criticizing government policies and also commenting on other developments in society. 

The lawsuit against Martinus and four co-suspects is still pending in court. 

An arrest warrant was issued against Martinus on November 21, 2022. 

After being identified as a suspect by the Public Prosecution Service, Martinus, who was appointed director of the Anthony Nesty Indoor Stadium when the Santokhi government took office, was removed from office by the government.

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