Healthy Smiles Program Launched at Brades Primary School in Montserrat to Promote Dental Health

On October 17, 2023, the Brades Primary School in Montserrat saw the launch of the Healthy Smiles program, an initiative developed and led by the Government Dental Clinic. This program aims to encourage and assist Grade 1 students in maintaining good oral hygiene, offering caries prevention strategies and necessary dental treatments.

The Healthy Smiles program is designed with a long-term goal: to ensure that participating children have a mouth free from dental caries by the end of a three-year period. By starting oral care education early, the program hopes to instil lifelong habits in the children, promoting continued attention to oral health into adulthood. Enrolment in the program requires parental consent, after which children will receive individualised attention, follow-up care, and dental supplies.

The program is funded by the International College of Dentists (ICD), a global organisation that recognises and honours dentists for exemplary leadership and service. Dr. Coretta Fergus, the Regent for the Caribbean section of ICD, secured the funding through the organisation’s Global Visionary Fund. This fund supports projects that demonstrate the potential for sustainable improvement in oral health, overall health, or quality of life for the impacted communities.

If successful, the Healthy Smiles program will be expanded to other schools on the island, aiming to broaden its impact on children’s oral health across Montserrat.

Dr Coretta Fergus is in the bottom row, third person from your right. (Photo Credit: ICD)

The ICD, which has been honouring leading dentists worldwide since 1920 under the motto “Recognising service and the opportunity to serve,” held its annual convocation in New York in November 2023. Dr. Fergus represented Montserrat at the event alongside other distinguished dentists from various countries, including the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Guatemala, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama, and Uganda, who were awarded the prestigious ICD fellowship for their exceptional contributions to the field of dentistry and community service.

The convocation provided a platform for the new fellows to connect with ICD peers and industry leaders, participate in humanitarian, educational, and leadership activities, and attend continuing education sessions. This year, one of the highlights was a dental implant course attended by over 100 participants, reflecting ICD’s commitment to fostering global dental health education.

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