The 2021 Christmas Lighting Competition ended with seven participants – six from the Residential Homes category and a sole participant from the Business category participating in this year’s Competition.

Hosted collaboratively by the Tourism Division and the Montserrat Arts Council, under the auspices of the Office of the Premier, the Competition highlighted the skills and creativity of the participants. The judges viewed each property and paid attention to the following:

  • Visual appeal – displays needed to be eye-catching and communicate the theme well.
  • Cohesiveness – displays needed to be organized, well completed with spaces utilized effectively and visibly.
  • Creativity – displays needed to provide exceptional use of creative ideas with good use of inspiration and imagination.
  • Overall Effect – displays must be awe-inspiring and fabulous with good use and variety of decorations and lights.

The participants to be awarded prizes in the Residential Homes category are:

  • 1ST PRIZE- Mrs. Patricia Farrell-Daway of Brades
  • 2ND PRIZE – Mrs. Janet Daley of Lookout
  • 3RD PRIZE – Ms. Beatrice Samuels of Lookout
  • WOW PRIZE: Ms. Everlyn White of Nixon’s won for her creativity and eye-catching display

The sole participant in the Business Category was Ms. Gertrude Ryan, Treasure Spot, who won that category.

Consolation prizes are awarded to Mrs. Vanessa White, Woodlands and Ms. Lilame Martin, Virgin Islands.

Although not part of the Christmas Lighting Competition, special mention must be made of the Lookout Community who came together and made the village of Lookout a true spectacle during the Christmas Season.  A donation is awarded to the Lookout Action Group in support of their tremendous efforts and we look forward to other villagers taking on the mantle to beautify their spaces.

Persons wishing to participate in the 2022 Christmas Lighting Competition, are encouraged to pay close attention to the Competition Guidelines in an effort to produce truly creative displays. More Businesses are also encouraged to participate.

The Tourism Division extends congratulations to all who took the time and made the effort in helping to spread the Christmas joy through their creativity.

Source: Montserrat Tourism Division

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