Celebrating Saint Lucia’s 45th Independence Day: A Historical Overview

Saint Lucia’s Independence Day, a momentous occasion in the nation’s history, is annually celebrated on February 22nd. This significant public holiday marks the date in 1979 when Saint Lucia achieved independence, becoming a sovereign state within the Commonwealth of Nations.

The history of Saint Lucia traces back to the late 15th or early 16th century when the island, part of the Windward Islands, was discovered by Europeans. The initial French settlers named the island after Saint Lucia, a young Christian martyr. Unlike many countries, Independence Day isn’t the National Day of Saint Lucia; that honor is reserved for December 13th, the Feast Day of Saint Lucia, the island’s patron saint.

The island’s ownership underwent numerous changes between French and English control until 1814 when it became part of the British Windward Islands colony. In 1958, Saint Lucia joined the West Indies Federation, becoming self-governing in 1967 as one of the West Indies Associated States. The culmination of this journey towards autonomy occurred on February 22nd, 1979, when Saint Lucia gained full independence under the leadership of Sir John Compton.

The national flag, adopted in 1967, holds symbolic significance. The blue represents the sky and sea, while the yellow embodies the sunshine. The black and white colors signify harmony between races on the island, and the triangles represent the iconic Pitons, volcanic cones in the southwest and national symbols of Saint Lucia.

The eve of independence, February 21st, is celebrated as “National Colours Day,” where citizens are encouraged to wear something reflective of the national colors. Independence Day itself commences with a military parade, followed by an address from the prime minister. In the afternoon, Castries hosts the lively “Annou We-y” parade, featuring floats, characters, and various groups, embodying the spirit and diversity of Saint Lucia’s proud heritage.

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