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The Trade and Quality Infrastructure Division, in the Office of the Premier is asking importers to submit applications for import licences to Adena Johnson at the following email address johnsona2@gov.ms. Copies of licences will also be issued electronically. For further enquiries, please call 1 (664) 392-2300. The PDF Application Form is available on the Government of Montserrat website, click on publications, Office of

The Access Division, Office of the Premier is reminding persons traveling from Montserrat to ensure they have a confirmed booking with an international carrier (airline) before you depart Montserrat to avoid delays in Antigua.  You are also encouraged to increase your awareness of travel restrictions of the country or countries you are attempting to travel to. Additionally, please be reminded that only

My fellow Montserratians, residents, visitors and members of the Press. As promised, I will continue to update you on my Government’s actions as we work through this COVID-19 pandemic together.

On Saturday, March 14, 2020, Premier Joseph Farrell issued a statement which provided strict guidance on public activities on the island of Montserrat due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In light of this information, the St. Patrick’s Day Festival 2020 was cancelled by default, as restrictions were placed on gatherings in excess of fifty persons (reduced to 25 persons on the


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