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The Government of Montserrat continues to remove and amend COVID-19 suppression restrictions, as the phased reopening of the economy continues. As of Wednesday July 8, 2020 at 5:00a.m. the maximum number of persons allowed to gather in a public place will increase from 10 to 50. This is outlined in the ‘Public Health (COVID-19 Suppression) (No.4) Order, S.R.O. 44

This year is an exceptional year for the government and people of Montserrat as we continue to manage the COVID19, while at the same time ensuring that the necessary plans are in place to prepare for what forecasters have predicted as an above normal 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season; as of May 21 there is a 60% chance of above normal

Of course, we want you to return to work, we want to allow you to exercise at free-will and we would want you to eat from your favourite restaurants. I am therefore pleased to report that Cabinet having assessed the activities which were allowed to take place in the first phase of the reopening (13 days ago,) and having viewed

May is a significant month for the Health sector as it is during this month that nurses are celebrated internationally for their contributions to health care. The Ministry of Health will however extend the recognition and celebration to all health care providers and social services staff this month.

As a government we are committed to ensuring that COVID-19 medical care is available for all persons when needed, and as such no medical personnel should be placed in any compromising position of having to decide which patient is put on a ventilator and which stays lingering. The ministry is therefore increasing the number of ventilators available to the medical


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