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The Government of Montserrat continues to remove and amend COVID-19 suppression restrictions, as the phased reopening of the economy continues. As of Wednesday July 8, 2020 at 5:00a.m. the maximum number of persons allowed to gather in a public place will increase from 10 to 50. This is outlined in the ‘Public Health (COVID-19 Suppression) (No.4) Order, S.R.O. 44

As of 12:00a.m. on Friday May 22, businesses to include restaurants, cook shops, barber shops, and religious establishments will be allowed to operate, but must implement social distancing (6 feet apart) and sanitizing measures.  The list of business and other activities permitted from May 22nd to 5:00a.m. on Monday June 8 have been outlined in the PUBLIC HEALTH (COVID-19 SUPPRESSION) (No.2)

Of course, we want you to return to work, we want to allow you to exercise at free-will and we would want you to eat from your favourite restaurants. I am therefore pleased to report that Cabinet having assessed the activities which were allowed to take place in the first phase of the reopening (13 days ago,) and having viewed


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