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As the Montserrat Submarine Fibre Optic Project continues to make steady progress towards completion this year, an environmental impact assessment (EIA) survey is currently being conducted to ensure all potential impacts are identified, and measures are implemented before the installation of the fibre optic cable.

As part of efforts to alleviate hardship that has been brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent response measures, the Social Services Department, with funding through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MoFEM), has been implementing a ‘COVID-19 SOCIAL BENEFIT SUPPORT’ Programme, which includes several packages of assistance.

RFA Argus - part of the Royal Navy’s Atlantic patrol Tasking (North) deployed to the Caribbean - is in Montserrat waters today (20 April) and will be conducting a series of overflights of the island. Two helicopters, Merlin and Wildcat, are expected to be flying over the island today. The purpose of these flights is to familiarise the crew with

The Trade and Quality Infrastructure Division, in the Office of the Premier is asking importers to submit applications for import licences to Adena Johnson at the following email address johnsona2@gov.ms. Copies of licences will also be issued electronically. For further enquiries, please call 1 (664) 392-2300. The PDF Application Form is available on the Government of Montserrat website, click on publications, Office of


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