CARICOM welcomes selection of prime minister in Haiti

The Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) welcome the news of the designation of a Transitional Prime Minister in Haiti. The unanimous election of Dr. Garry Conille by the Transitional Presidential Council (TPC), following a selection process with nominations from several stakeholder sectors, is another important step forward on the path to free and fair elections and the return to constitutional order in Haiti.

Aware that there are still many challenges ahead, CARICOM expresses its support for the new Prime Minister-designate and reiterates its commitment of support to the Transitional Presidential Council and to the people of Haiti. CARICOM looks forward to the early completion of the process to officially establish the institutions of transitional governance in accordance with the agreement of March 11, 2024.

CARICOM commends the Transitional Presidential Council for putting the interest of the country and the people of Haiti above all else. This will remain a paramount objective as the TPC, working with Transitional Prime Minister Conille, continues to move forward in restoring security and in establishing the critical broadly representative institutions necessary for the delivery of public services, the provision of humanitarian relief, facilitating socio-economic improvement, and the holding of free and fair elections in a timely manner.

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