Temporary Restrictions Placed On Some Agricultural Imports

The Ministry of Agriculture under the advice of the Chief Veterinary Officer is informing the public that due to the recent outbreak of HAPI (Avian Influenza) in Europe, CARICOM through the Competent Authorities in the Member States, has implemented a temporary restriction on the importation of some products from the UK and the Netherlands.

The restricted products are:

  • Live birds
  • Fresh, Chilled and Frozen Poultry Meat
  • Hatching eggs.

Products which have been treated to destroy the virus, canned poultry products and other hermetically (air-tight) sealed products can be imported, once accompanied by an international Veterinary Health Certificate attesting that it was so treated.

The Ministry of Agriculture remains extremely vigilant with Avian Influenza out breaks globally and assesses its threat to the Island’s poultry industry, case by case.

All major importers have been contacted and informed about the necessary restrictions being placed on imports. The Ministry is assuring members of the public that they have no need to worry with regards to the supply of poultry products.

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